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About Us

Fedora Kate Nails

Fedora Kate is the one and only.  Inspired by ancient Greek architecture and design, our overall theme and salon decorum captivates not only the eyes but also the soul and spirit.  Customers feel safe and inviting in our salon as they unwind in complete tranquility and relaxation while being pampered. 
With a vast array of nail and spa services, our ultimate goal at Fedora Kate is to provide exceptional care in both customer relations and quality nail care so every customer walks out feeling like a goddess, or a god since we do have nail and spa services customized for men.
Our Business Philosophy

Understanding the unique beauty needs and wants of every customer is extremely important to us.  Thus, we make it our first priority to search for and hire only the most qualified, highly experienced nail and spa specialists in order to meet all of our customers' desires and expectations.  It is only through pure devotion, considerate care and nurturance that we can insure our customers' complete satisfaction which will have them coming back to us again and again.  We look forward to serving you and thank you for visiting Fedora Kate.  Have a wonderful day!