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NON-CHIP Ultimate Spa Manicure ($40)
Yes, it's true, finally a nail polish that won't chip and lasts up to three weeks!  This increasingly popular spa manicure entails thorough cuticle and nail grooming before the revolutionary no-chip polish is applied, followed by a soothing arm/hand massage.  With zero drying time and the amazing long lasting polish, this spa manicure ensures a truly glamorous spa experience, and, ultimately, peace of mind!
******Skip the manicure and get just the gel polish for $25******

Classic Spa Manicure ($17)
Your standard manicure includes cuticle and nail grooming, a soothing hand massage, and topped off with your choice of polish.

Fedora Kate Spa Manicure ($28)
Our signature spa manicure trims, grooms, buffs, and exfoliates with a honey/sugar scrub, then a relaxing massage, followed by warm towels, and ends with polish of choice.

Hot Stone Therapy Spa Manicure ($35)
Besides the sugar exfoliating scrub and ultrahydrating paraffin, this nourishing spa manicure upgrades you to a hot stone therapy treatment for deep relaxation of muscles to help alleviate stress and tension, thus creating balance and harmony. Warm towels follow to lock in moisture before polishing. Even better during the cold winter months!

Polish Me! ($8;)
Nails are neatly shaped, buffed, then polished.

French (5$ )
Nail Art (5$ & up)


New Set - $30
Fill-In - $20
Removal & New Set - $35
Nail Repair - $3/Each

Natural UV Gel
New Set - $40
Fill-In - $25
Removal & New Set - $45
Nail Repair - $4/Each

Pink/White UV Gel
New Set - $50
Fill-In (Both Pink & White) - $40
Fill-In (Pink Only) - $27
Removal & New Set - $55
Nail Repair - $5/Each

Additional Nail Enhancements Services
French - $5
Nail Art - $5 & Up
Removal of Artificial Nails - $10
Removal of Artificial Nails with Classic Manicure - $25

Nail Enhancements

Classic Spa Pedicure ($30)
While standard, you still get to unwind in our massage spa chair, soak your feet and let us do the rest.

Fedora Kate Spa Pedicure ($40)
Our most popular signature spa pedicure exfoliates with an invigorating sea salt scrub, thoroughly scrubs and removes any tough calluses/dry dead skin, and hydrates with a combination of massage oil and luxurious lotion. It's like giving your feet a facial!
******Add hydrating paraffin wax  ($8)******

New!  Cooling Spa Pedicure ($35)
 Chill out with our new cooling spa pedicure which features the Cleansing Clay Foot Mask in Fresh Spearmint. This foot mask is formulated with peppermint and eucalyptus oil to give cooling and penetrating effects. 
******Add exfoliating scrub ($8)******

Hot Stone Therapy Spa Pedicure ($60)
This truly opulent spa pedicure gives you the works and more! The hour-long ultimate spa indulgence upgrades  you to decadents such as a rich, aromatic lavender exfoliating sugar scrub, ultra-hydrating paraffin wax, and a therapeutic hot stone massage to relieve tired muscles and promote circulation in your legs and feet.

Quick-Fix Pedicure ($23)
No time for a full pedi?  This pedicure soaks, trims, buffs, briefly grooms, then goes straight to polish to get you back on track with daily activities looking and feeling refreshed.

Polish Me! ($12)
Nails are neatly shaped, buffed and polished.

French (5$ & up)
Nail Art (5$ & up)

Spa Combos:

Classic Spa Manicure/Pedicure Combo ($45)
Fedora Kate Spa Mani/Pedi Combo ($65)
This upgrade is both luxurious and glamorous!
 **Add Nourishing Paraffin: $5 for feet, $5 for hands.

Hot Stone Spa Mani/Pedi Combo ($85)
Indulge with the ultimate relaxing spa experience.

Girls (12 & under):

Spa Manicure ($12)
Spa Pedicure ($25)
Spa Mani/Pedi Combo ($32) 
Just Polish - Hands ($7)
Just Polish - Feet ($10)
Just Polish Combo ($15)

Spa Combos and Kid's spa services

Waxing Services:

Eyebrow Maintenance ($12)
Eyebrow Design ($15)
Upper Lip
Chin ($10)
Sides of Face ($15 & up)
Full Face ($35 $ up)